Goodbye Frank, Hello Hank

Super Bowl Cardinals Football

It’s the day after.  The day after Super Bowl XLIII, yes, but also the day after so many trials and triumphs for the Arizona Cardinals.  They played a great game; watching Larry Fitzgerald run wild and free across the field was a true spectacular.  It just came too soon.  With time on the clock, the Patriots swung into action with the drive and determination of warriors not willing to lose.  The second they gained an ounce of ground the game was over, the sense of it was staggering; making the last minutes painful to watch.

So today I am writing in Frank’s stead.  Just for a little while we are calling him Heart Break Hank instead of Fun Lovin’ Frank.  Poor man, something in him wanted that win for the Cardinals so bad he could taste it.

Amidst his despair I feel joyful.  I took a lot of things away from the game that went beyond the confines of Tampa Stadium.  Besides a nasty series of shoves from one hothead player, there was a real air of sportsmanship on that field.    It was a downright level headed game.  I haven’t seen anyone writing about the father-son ad spot which preceded Larry’s victory dash.  I saw a profound connection, prophetic almost, between that message and the underlying story of this game.  Maybe it’s my sense of family as team that created that parallel in my mind.  The Patriots showed us their unwavering ability to stay the course, focus on the goal and muscle their way to the finish.  The Cardinals showed us their spirited belief in what is possible.  Pappa Fitzgerald may have been a nay sayer in Larry’s youth but keeping true to his own dreams helped him achieve greatness.  So goes it for the entire team.

Congratulations all for one helluva game.  Next year, we’re hoping for a Cardinals-Chargers playoff.  Think it can happen?  Nah, not possible, but no harm in dreaming.


~ by flipflopfannie on February 3, 2009.

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