Super Bowl Sadness

Texans Chargers Football

I’m a little down in the dumps this Super Bowl Sunday.  I really wanted the Chargers to go to Tampa.  Instead we’re all staying home, I just wish it was more celebratory.  I personally can’t stand Florida because of the humidity that fills your lungs and makes everything seem so thick and slow.  Still, I wanted a victory for our team and the chance to send our boys south; especially after the long run of losses and boggling resurgence leading up to a massive let-down for San Diego…again.

For the last few days, sports enthusiasts from across the globe have been gathering in Tampa Bay for a giant party honoring the game that will decide who takes home Super Bowl silver. That’s right; the Pittsburgh Steelers (those hell raisers that stole our thunder earlier last month) and Arizona Cardinals have been stirring up the sandy beaches of Florida getting ready to compete for the coveted Lombardi trophy.

All indications point to XLIII being an exciting game and I am looking forward to watching Pittsburgh’s formidable strength go up against the Cardinals’ offensive mastery.  That aside, I am still licking my wounds and haven’t quite recovered from last month’s loss so I’m hoping for a win on the side of Arizona.  I want a little revenge smackdown style, figuring the redwings are the fair feathered underdogs and following my kindred spirit aligning with our neighbors to the east.  So bitter and resentful as I am, bring me the guac…let’s get it on!

Tips from me to you: If you want to get out of the house to watch the game head over to Seau’s in Mission Valley for a screamer or relax and hang with a low key crowd at Ould Sod in Normal Heights.


~ by funlovinfrank on February 1, 2009.

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