Big Meat, Little Meat (on a Stick)

reidogado1 yakitori2

There are two incredible restaurants in San Diego that are must trys for those who like ethnic food with flair and flavor.  Both have one thing in common – they involve meat on a stick.  But that’s where the similarities end.  One is a Brazilian steak house that offers big portions on enormous iron skewers.  The other is a quiet little Japanese joint that serves tiny selections of thinly sliced marinated meats on wooden sticks.  Here’s the low down:

Rei Do Gado Brazilian Steakhouse: Located at 939 Fourth Avenue in the Gaslamp Quarter, this amazing place is packed for lunch and dinner.  Buffet style, all you can eat dining includes more than 40 different meats served in a continuous flow directly from the barbecue to your table.  You help yourself to all the sides and salads you want.  The atmosphere is upscale and lively.  Abundance is the theme.  $$$

Yakitori Yakudori Japanese Bistro: 3739 Sixth Avenue in Hillcrest.  If you appreciate the care, precision and fastidious attention to detail that goes into Japanese cooking, you will love Yak Yak.  Perfect little skewers delicately laced with chicken, beef and exotic delicacies for the more daring; this place is a favorite among foodies and regulars where the saki flows liberally.  Locals linger to nibble on salads, meats and buttery homemade tofu; enjoying leisurely conversation and lots of small plates along the way.  Walk across the street to the antique lamp shop to see a fantastic collection of rare and unusual light fixtures.  $$

Tips from me to you: Make reservations at both restaurants, they fill up fast.  Yakitori is traditional and authentic, the staff does not always understand American expectations related to food service and can be unconventional.  You will enjoy the experience much more if you just go with the flow and let them lead.


~ by funlovinfrank on January 31, 2009.

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