It’s all about the Beach


A brief cold snap and light rains have given way to gorgeous sunny skies and those 70ish degree temperatures San Diego is so famous for.  I have family on the East Coast and I always get a sort of guilty pleasure thinking about them huddling up and shoveling snow this time of year.  Shame on me!

With current economic conditions as they are, we are just like everyone else trying to pinch corners and cutback where we can.  We have a getaway planned for Valentine’s Day, so we have blown our entertainment budget.  But not to fret, this is San Diego and we are going to get out-and-about on a dime this weekend.  And why not, we can be creative and take advantage of San Diego’s natural wealth at the same time.  Our pocket books may be poor but the beaches are overflowing with riches.

Tomorrow morning we will get up with the sun and have a white tablecloth  breakfast on the patio.  Then we’ll pack a picnic lunch, our frisbee and beach paraphernalia and head over to La Jolla Shores.  We like to get there early to watch the surfers and snorkelers doing their thing.  Plus, early birds get the proverbial worm when it comes to select spots on the lawn.  The grassy area is perfect for games and running around and just steps from a plunge into the ocean.

We hope all of you will take some time to enjoy San Diego’s abundance and thank your lucky stars for the amazing beauty this city has to offer.  Happy weekending!

Tips from me to you: If you’ve got a lot of gear, use the unofficial loading and unloading stations along the north and south sides of the parking lot.  If you arrive between 8am and 10am, you will have the best chance of catching prime parking since the surfers usually start clearing their cars out of the lot for the day.


~ by flipflopfannie on January 30, 2009.

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