A Wimp Among Bravehearts


“It’s a lonely existence being a wimp,” I tell my therapist as I lay on her couch licking my wounds from a recent trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.  She says she understands, “if you’re open to it, hypnotherapy might help,” she adds.  I tell her I’m not into long term solutions.  I think I just need medication for a quick fix on those rare occasions I find myself facing the possibility of meeting my maker by being hurled upside down, hundreds of feet in the air with no safety net.  She tells me there are no quick fixes for deep seated fear and that if I really want to change I need to commit.  Perhaps repeated exposure will numb my inhibitions.

“Repeated exposure!  Are you nuts?” I yelled as I threw $110 on the table and stormed out; vowing to never set foot near another roller coaster realizing that I am just not cut out for daredeviling.  Quiet afternoons by a pool are much more my speed.  Sunshine on my shoulders and watching my children play Marco Polo; now that’s my idea of the good life.  From here on out, Frank is in charge of roller coasters.  I’ll tag along for the pleasure of being with my family but you’ll find me cozying up to the Peanuts pals at Camp Snoopy with an Icee in hand.  The rest of you can find Frank trying to make me a widow over at Perilous Plunge.

Tips from me to you: Thrill seekers will love Xcelerator, Montezooma’s Revenge and Supreme Scream; namby pambys like me will like Ghost Town Calico Railroad, Timber Mountain Log Ride and Mystery Lodge.  Save money on your visit by purchasing tickets from an attraction wholesaler (click here).


~ by flipflopfannie on January 19, 2009.

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