Ray by Day


Some of you may be familiar with the monthly gallery walk in North Park called ‘Ray at Night.’ Ray refers to the name of a street lined with artist studios. There are a number of unusual storefronts too and a hair salon. Despite Ray Street’s acclaim for its Second Saturday shindigs and urban allure, the area isn’t often talked about for its day time draws.

There is a Payless Shoe Source right around the corner which I have to admit to frequenting when I need cheap shoes, however, if you want a pair of conversation starting, handpainted hightops, the milo gallery on Ray has the most incredible creations for men, women and children. There is a pair of Obama Vans in the window I would give my eye teeth to own. Eateries abound from trendy to ethnic (plus great burgers) and there are several thrift stores in the area where we love to go treasure hunting and never come out empty handed.  If you’re looking for unique furniture pieces, the streets surrounding Ray are loaded with one of a kind finds.

North Park is a thriving community with a harder edge and more earthy attitude than neighboring Hillcrest.  It is easy to lose track of time meandering through the streets.  For an afternoon of free entertainment, this is a neighborhood you will want to explore again and again.

Tips from me to you: try the new Bite bistro getting accolades from food critics.  Discount coupons are available at restaurant.com and you can rack up Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards points by eating there too.


~ by flipflopfannie on January 16, 2009.

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