One Frenchman’s Visit


A series of installations have quietly appeared along San Diego’s waterfront.  Perhaps you’ve noticed them and wondered if they’ve been there all along.  That’s what I thought at first but, as I discovered, they began arriving in November and will remain on display through October 2009.

The enormous conceptual steel forms are part of the Port of San Diego’s ongoing commitment to bringing world class public art to our city.  Famed international sculptor Bernar Venet has eight works strategically placed throughout the district.  From Harbor Island to the Embarcadero, Venet’s studies in linear and arced creations offer a rare chance to experience the contributions of one of the most important French artists of our time.

This event alone is worth a day excursion for locals and weekend adventure for out-of-towners; an outdoor, self-guided tour of art and culture at its best.  Here’s where you can view the entire exhibit:

  • Twelve Straight Lines” and “Random Combination of Indeterminate Lines” – Harbor Island
  • “Arcs in Disorder: 5 Arcs x 5” – Laurel Street and Harbor Drive traffic triangle
  • “Four Indeterminate Lines” and “220.5° Arc x 15” – Embarcadero Marina Park North
  • “97.5° Arc x 9” and 221.5° Arc x 28 – Embarcadero Marina Park South
  • “Three Indeterminate Lines” – Harbor Drive, in front of the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina

Tip from me to you: For a straight shot along the waterfront, start your tour at the San Diego Convention Center and Embarcadero North; then head over to Seaport Village and the Embarcadero South; make your way along Harbor Drive, stopping in front of the Marriott; continue along Harbor Drive’s parkway to the final sculpture.


~ by funlovinfrank on January 11, 2009.

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