Meet the Cohns


Few San Diego families are so beloved as the Cohns.  Just the slightest mention of their name makes mouths water and salivary glands sizzle with anticipation.  That is because they are restaurant royalty and, with a carefully amassed team of the Country’s finest culinary talent, they have won our hearts through our tummies and tastebuds.

San Diego’s Restaurant Week starts tomorrow and the Cohn collection of venues has a line-up of three course, fixed price meals starting at $15 a head.  As if that weren’t enough, the menus are superb, rivalling past offerings and taking this event to new heights.  The best values on the plate this season are Corvette Diner ($30 for 2 people), Mr. Tiki ($20 per person), The Prado ($30 per person),  and Island Prime ($40 per person).  Seven other Cohn restaurants are also playing and you can see all the menus right here.

Pick a night or two to get out and mingle with your fellow Americans, experience the creations of San Diego’s greatest chefs and treat yourself to a special evening guilt free because pricing like this only comes around twice a year.  Bon apetit and puleeze reward good service generously.

Tips from me to you: The Kona Kai Resort & Spa is offering incredibly low rates and FREE gourmet breakfast for two through the end of Restaurant Week (click here); get two free kids meals per day at Welk Resort (click here).


~ by flipflopfannie on January 10, 2009.

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