Fannie Gets a Break


How bad was 2008?  It was bad alright, downright awful.  I just know 2009 has something up its sleeve.  If 2008 was Roseanne Barr then I’m praying 2009 will be Carmen Diaz.  Come on mirror mirror on the wall, show us something pretty…please!

2009 started out alright for me, with a most unexpected break that I needed more than any other time in my life.  I got the chance to spend two days at Paradise Point.  When I got the news I jumped through the roof and seized the opportunity to shut the world off – whack!  Not a phone call, email or keyboard for two whole days…it was absolute heaven.

So what did I do with myself for two days in Paradise?  Well, you know what they say, “when in Paradise, act like a lazy bum.”  I lounged, ordered room service, sat by the pool (for hours on end), read, watched people and judged their lives from afar, took in the scenery and walked along the sand…all the while wishing it would never end.

All that stupid hype about staycations actually isn’t that crazy.  San Diego is something else for sure.  It’s not easy to see things around you from a new perspective but if you can muster the creativity, it’s a freeing sensation like no other.  Funny how two days away makes everything (and everyone) look a whole lot better.

Tips from me to you: eat at Paradise Point for less (click here); this is an expensive resort but the bad economy is making rates cheap cheap cheap (click here).


~ by flipflopfannie on January 9, 2009.

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